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Have you ever seen a new version of a classic products, and it makes you feel nostalgic? It brings back all the good and happy memories you have from that time and almost makes you feel like you were right back in that place and time.

Sometimes though, do you ever look at the new version and think, "Man, this is a rip off. The old ones were way better". I have done that time and again. It's really sad to see how the quality of an "improved" version can be so much lower than the original.

That is pretty much the antithesis of the feeling you will have when you try a Kush Sack.

I just got a 6ft King Kush and a matching Kush Stool(Chocolate Brown Micro Velvet), and let me tell you, it is HEAVEN.

This is definitely not like those old school Bean bags of the past. In fact, although the Kush Sack is kindred to the Bean Bag, it is very much superior.

Not only does the massive size play a huge role in outweighing(pun intended), the old school bean bags that used to be so desirable, but he fact that it contains no actual "beans" or little pellets of anything is certainly a factor.

It is stuffed with tons of super soft and supportive shredded memory foam. It is like sitting(or laying) on a cloud. You feel completely relaxed and weightless. It is like floating on air, only you know you are also being supported with just the right amount of firmness. It amazing.

My husband and I both have really bad back pain most of the time(hi even worse than me), and this was so comfortable. Not only did it not cause any pain like sitting on our couch always does, it actually helped to take away a good bit of the pain we already had, because we were able to sit and relax in supported comfort.

And while we are speaking of comfort, I must mention the luxurious feel of the cover is so blissful.

I remember that bean bags used to have a sticky, rigid, plasticy/pleather cover and it was pretty horrible. At best they had a thick polyester type ugly and uncomfortable fabric.

This is like trading in the bone for a hot fresh, juicy steak, such a distinct difference.

I love that Kush Sacks come in 3 awesome sizes(6ft King Kush, 5ft Cuddle Queen and 3ft Little Kush) to fit every need. Plus they have the fabulous Kush Stool(2ft) as well to perfectly compliment either Sack(5 of 6ft) for the ultimate lounging experience.

My hubby LOVES our new King Kush, and has tried to claim it for himself claiming that "King" in the title means it is for the man of the house.
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  1. What I love most is how versatile and comfy it is!!

  2. 3 awesome sizes

  3. What I love the most is that it looks so comfortable, and can be used in almost any room in the house.

  4. that i could get it down my stairs....we can't find anything that would go down!


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