#BOOGIEWOOGIEBABES / WhoopTee shout out!!!

Woohoo! Hey gang! This is just a quick update. You now I have to keep you in the loop! It's no military secret that I'm a proud Boogie Wipes Saline Ambasssador and I wouldn't dream of missing an opportunity to share some of the Boogie Wipes love! I'm so excited to let you know that I am the team leader for the #BOOGIEWOOGIEBABES. We are a group of Women and Mom's (Men and Dad's welcome too) who have united together to spread the news and benefits of using saline wipes. Make sure you swing by the Boogie Wipes site to see all the wonderful products! Nothing beats the boogies like a soft saline wipe. Boogie wipes are oh so gentle and the the perfect amount of natural saline helps dissolve those nasty little boogies. Kids love them because Boogie Wipes doesn't irritate them and my kid's favorite is the grape scent. I love them especially since I can do a quick wipe using only one as opposed to several harsh dry tissues. Be gone boogers! Here's a quick little giveaway for you but don't worry, I have some really awesome giveaways coming very soon with lots of fabulous prizes but Sssshhhh...it's a secret for the moment.  Now I'd like to introduce you to the most amazing TShirt company around. I am thrilled to have partnered with WhoopTee who will be sponsoring a very cool giveway soon. WhoopTee will be giving away 3 TShirts desinged by me and my girl's the #BOOGIEWOOGIEBABES  featuring the Boogie Wipes brand. Woohoo! I knew you'd love that!
Here's a little information on them and remember in the meantime to go ahead and check them out on the WhoopTee facebook page, Twitter and YouTube as well. Full review and a fabulous giveaway from WhoopTee coming soon!!!       


Our online design studio helps you create amazing looking t-shirts at the lowest prices. With WhoopTee, making the perfect custom tee is simple and fun! Come visit us at www.whooptee.com. "Our Shirts, Your Design"
Helping you make stuff you love!

Company Overview
Whooptee is an online custom apparel designer and store. We do everything in our power to make sure that each order meets our high standards of Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Quick Delivery Time, – this is the WhoopTee Guarantee. We are located in the heart of the country and we love what we do!
Come visit us at www.whooptee.com. "Our Shirts, Your Design"  HOW AWESOME! GOTTA LOVE THAT!!! Here's a cute little giveaway in the meantime just because I love ya! One of you will win this Pampers Kandoo Moisturizing Body Wash and adorable bath scrunchy! Enter on the form below ( all entries will be verified) Have fun and good luck !!!
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  1. We love Boogie Wipes and Whoptee seems to have an easy to use site which is always a plus. My family has shirts made during the holidays every year and it's always such a pain uploading things. Look forward to your review and thanks!

  2. Yea...what Casey said! Why is such an issue getting things to upload just for a tshirt? Even the bigger companies...SO frustrating plus you'd think by now they'd have fixed the problems. Anyway, my family always has something going on and we like represent in the same shirts so we'll see what you have to say.

  3. Jessica YounkmanMay 29, 2013 at 9:56 AM

    Yay! Thanks for the cute little giveway!! I like that the whooptee site seems easy to navigate!

  4. I love it, this is an Awesome Giveaway

  5. I Like that you can select your own design and color. Thank You, Jerri Davis

  6. I like that WhoopTee has a nice variety of tees to choose from and the design process seems simple. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  7. Hello, Nice to meet you. I was referred to your blog by a friend. So far I like what I see and you can consider me a regular. I love your style and wit! looking forward to more info. on the whooptee people and would love to see some pictures as well. My kids are grown but I'm going to enter this giveway and if I win I'll give it to a friend. Thank you.

  8. I've never heard of Whooptee, cool!

  9. I love Boogie Wipes!! But the funny thing about them is both kids I have used them on have tried to eat them because they smell good lol oh well....

  10. I like the sweat shirts. I've never tried boogie wipes before but have always wanted to. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Never heard of these! Can never have enough wipes!


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