When a truck backs up, it has limited view. Fortunately, the days are past when a second person stood behind the truck directing the driver. Today, a handy gadget alerts the driver to obstructions in his path. This gadget saves time, property and even life. It's backup cameras for trucks. Commercials on TV advertise cars with warning apparatus, stopping the car at the first hint of an obstruction. This is a camera system designed for Ford Econoline trucks, 2003-2012. The camera replaces the factory license plate light. It combines the license plate light with a 170 degree wide angle color CCD camera. Dust-proof and water-proof, the camera gives the driver an unobstructed view of what's behind the truck. The 5" monitor is dash-mounted. The ESKCamera Kit backup cameras for trucks backup cameras for trucks fits all 2003-2012 model year E-150, E-250, E-350, E-450 trucks. The system automatically activates when the vehicle backs up. This camera system protects trucks as well as the docks and doors to which they back up for loading. When they leave their delivery address, the trucks can see dollies, tools or anything else they might not have loaded back onto the truck. The system may also comply with insurance rules and regulations regarding safety hazards in business fleets. Not only is the camera system necessary to protect property and save money, it can save lives as well. What is behind people is the past, so they look forward, not behind. This proves true in vehicles as well but especially trucks.

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