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For customers who have industrial and general commercial weighing needs, they can find and order anything from drum scales to platform scales from Floor Sales Direct.  Regardless of what type of materials companies need to weigh, Floor Scales Direct has something to take care of the job.

When businesses choose to shop for the best in platform scales from Floor Sales Direct, they will feel confident in the high quality that the scale seller offers. By browsing the extensive catalog, trucking companies and shippers will feel at ease over the large selection. With platform scales from Floor Scales Direct, the axle scale features the capacity to weigh up to a total of 60,000 lb for both platforms. Each platform weighs up to 30,000 lb.

This scale offers quick easy setup, high accuracy, a design that is forklift portable, heavy-duty construction, durable epoxy paint finish, factory calibrated and the package includes indicator mounting stand. Some of the applications for this scale include container weighing, vehicle axle weighing and other industrial applications. The platform scales are 10 x 10- weighs up to 20,000 pounds on a half-inch steel deck plate. This type of scale is ideal for aircraft carrier weighing or warehouse operations. This model is only three inches high, so it is low profile and compact. Other features include an indicator mounting stand, a two-piece deck design, wrap around ramps, a cable for hostile environments and more. Customers will appreciate the many models, styles and specifications of platform scales from Floor Sales Direct.


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