Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic bracelets provide the wearer with a comfortable and stylish bracelet. Not all magnets are the same, so if you are looking for a bracelet that will be able to deliver a stronger magnetic field, you will want to buy a bracelet that has a higher gauss than a bracelet with a lower gauss.

The gauss is the way the industry measures the strength of a magnet. The higher the gauss is, the stronger the magnet in the jewelry is. This measurement depicts how large the magnetic field is surrounding the magnet. It is the discovery of a German scientist, Carl Gauss. The use of magnetic jewelry goes back to ancient Egypt where the Egyptians adorned themselves with loadstones.

Even Cleopatra wore one to prolong life and health. A loadstone is a chip of magnetite that can attract other metals like iron. It is a natural magnet. It became the first compasses as the ancient civilizations discovered when they hung the stone from rope. When magnets are added to jewelry, such as a bracelet, the magnet is normally added to a link in a link bracelet or added to the back of a pendant.

The magnet is a part of the jewelry, and in the case of a link bracelet, there are magnets added to each link in the chain. By adding them to a link, the entire bracelet is beneficial to the wearer. Today’s bracelets use hematite and neodymium rather than loadstones, which are heavy.  Magnet bracelets come in many styles and colors. They are suitable for both women and men.


  1. I need more magnetic jewelry. Plus, the ancient egyptians were on to something, with their skin hydration, and then the magnetic jewelry!! I am so glad to see it coming back.

  2. Those sound fun! I've never even thought about magnetic jewelry.


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