Air Brush Makeup

As airbrush makeup systems have gotten more popular, many people are wondering if they really produce these flawless faces with sheer, nearly invisible cover up. However, air brush for make up purposes isn't just for foundation and cover up. Airbrush makeup kits actually work for all parts of the face and body. Makeup artists have been using airbrush guns for many years to give flawless coverage to their clients. These are just some tips from professionals on how to get your technique down and keep your airbrush gun clean. With proper maintenance, these makeup kits last for many years.

The first thing you should do is get out a sheet of white paper and test your airbrush gun with a little bit of makeup. You'll be able to see the flow and intensity of each stroke that you make. You'll notice that it's important for you to keep your hand steady and constantly move. Most people find that moving slowly offers them the best coverage. You can also use the airbrush to cover pimples and smaller areas by just dotting and blending.

In addition, you want to pick the right airbrush makeup formula. There are water-based, silicone-based and alcohol-based products. Water-based are the best types of makeups for light wear and sensitive skin. Silicone-based are for those who need coverage that stays on throughout the day and night meaning it will resist sweater and water. Alcohol-based airbrush makeups really shouldn't be used by anyone not familiar with the product because it's flammable and potentially dangerous.

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